International machine network ‘Made in Burgenland‘

Mavoco, Machine & Voice Communication GmbH, located in Eisenstadt, bundles the bigger part of mobile networks spread out across the globe and thus establishes a new era of machine-to-machine communications. Everyone is looking to network everything nowadays, but networking throws up big questions: such as via which network, carrier and at what cost do I want to establish networked communications? These were some of the questions Helmut Lehner and Anton Cabrespina, founders of Machine & Voice Communication GmbH (Mavoco), asked themselves, too. They came up with a SIM-security solution, the ‘MavoCloud’. This cloud acts as virtual network carrier. The two entrepreneurs from Burgenland rent capacities in other carriers’ networks and thus spare Mavoco-customers the hassles associated with inhomogeneous pools of invoices, rates and carriers.

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