Technology transfer


The smart factory of the future consists of 15 key components, split in 3 groups:


  1. Smart supply network
    Transparency over supplier inventories and vehicle logistics allows for automatic and optimized supply decisions.


  1. Next-gen manufacturing systems
    Making automated and smart decisions (e.g., production scheduling), offer intelligent machine applications, smooth engineering integration and allow for remote visualization, alerts, control and monitoring.
  2. Cloud storage/processing
    Data storage and application processing on secure cloud servers.
  3. Data analytics
    Advanced decision algorithms, offering real-time analytics.
  4. Cybersecurity
    Encrypted data and mechanism, providing protection against cyber threats.
  1. Intelligent sensors
    Sensors deeply integrated in machines wirelessly stream data and possess an own analytics engine (edge analytics).
  2. Cyber physical systems
    Interconnected systems, together with social machines, control physical entities.
  3. Smart maintenance
    Predictive algorithms and remote assistance systems aid autonomous machine maintenance.
  4. Mobile workforce
    Workers process real-time information with mobile and augmented reality devices.
  5. Self-driving vehicles
    Autonomous vehicles, together with intelligent transportation units, handle material.
  6. Intelligent products
    Machines are given relevant information to make decisions by products.
  7. Additive manufacturing
    Utilizing 3D printing allows for rapid prototype and spare part printing.
  8. Robotics
    Flexible robots promote intelligence, improve production and create an entirely new paradigm for worker-robot interaction.
  9. Advanced materials
    Stressing the rising importance of nanomaterials and integrated computational materials engineering (ICME).


  1. Responsive manufacturing
    Individual steps, designed for customer interaction, offer the ability to produce tailor-made products for customers.

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