Evolaris is the leading competence center for mobile communications and innovation in Austria and is specialized in the prototypical development of mobile applications. Our primary focus is on the design and development of digital assistance systems in industry and commerce. These systems help employees and customers to consume context-specific information at the right time, at the right place. By means of accompanying acceptance surveys and a high-quality system design, we ensure solutions with a unique user experience. Efficient and well-designed user interfaces enable users to use information meaningfully and generate added value.

With the development of digital assistants we put people at the centre of our activities and increase the added value of enterprises

We advise companies in their selection of suitable technologies, design individual application scenarios and develop assistance systems on the basis of mobile and wearable technologies in order to sustainably optimize processes and enhance customer loyalty.

Based on trend and technology analyzes we design new business models, innovative processes and systems and evaluate these in pilot projects. Through the use of co-creation methods and tools, end-users are involved in the development process, beginning at an early stage of development to ensure the sustainability of the applications. To continuously increase our know-how, Evolaris cooperates with international partners from business and science (e.g. City University of Hong Kong, Jyväskylä University, Ilmenau University, Maribor University).

Smart solutions

Video assistance solution for smart glass

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  • Evocall smart solution

The Austrian innovation center EVOLARIS has developed a video assistance solution that allows industrial workers to connect with a machine or process specialist by using smart glasses or smartphones. With live video and audio, specialists can guide the process, send important information, circuit diagrams, data sheets or checklists directly to the mobile device and thus support independent of the location in real-time. In addition, the entire support session can be recorded and used for training purposes. EVOCALL is mainly used in the areas of commissioning, maintenance and aftersales. When commissioning, the industrial worker or service employee receives more process know-how from the expert at an early stage, and a faster and more productive system is created. The supporting function of the specialist reduces time-critical faults.