Fachhochschule Kärnten

FH Kärnten

The study of "Industrial Engineering and Management for industrial technology (WING)" deals in research projects with tasks in the domain of intersection of technology, business and organization, and with a special focus on technology-oriented companies and start up's.

The research activities are divided into the topics innovation management, entrepreneurship and smart production. The research field of innovation management addresses on the one hand the development of systems, structures, processes and methods in order to increase the innovative capacity of SME's. Furthermore, also trend studies, feasibility studies, business model development, idea generation processes, etc. are supported as part of concrete innovation projects. The field of entrepreneurship is about the analysis and design of conditions such as infrastructure, coaching and funding models for start-ups in the high-tech segment. In the research field of smart production, we deal with the issue of technology trends and, derived from this, with technology strategies and technology roadmaps for specific requirements in the industry.

Furthermore, we are committed to networking with innovation projects and the development around the topic Industry 4.0 with technologies for rapid prototyping.