Faculty of Economics and Business Maribor

Faculty of Business and Economics Maribor

Faculty of Economics and Business Maribor (FEB) is a member of University of Maribor. FEB is recognized nationally and throughout the wider European Region as an excellent research-oriented and globally-connected school of economics and business. By linking research and education in the field of business and economics it contributes to the integral development of individuals and participates in the development of the economy and the community in national and wider European environment.

Our Misson in the project is

  • the development, preparation and implementation of a system and tool for measuring efficiency and performance of employees in SMEs which will be based on motivation factors and satisfaction of employees;
  • to improve SMEs efficiency through the connection between performance management system and remunerations system in companies.

Within the SMART PRODUCTION the FEB Maribor will develop, produce and implement a system for measuring the performance of SMEs, developed a measurement tool and identify the SME, with the objective to improve the system for measuring the effectiveness and efficiency. FEB will also be included in the activity of identification and transfer of good practices on the basis of which will be prepared a best practice guide. By establishing a system for measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the FEB SMEs will contribute to increasing the effectiveness and motivation of employees in SMEs.