The program was created in response to the findings, which are challenges in private investment which SMEs and investors confronting. Innovative small and medium-sized enterprises are faced with two major challenges, namely:

  • access to capital
  • possibility of carrying out transactions significant transformation of enterprises to do business with large corporations.

On the other hand, potential investors are faced with insufficient quality demand sources of funding (poor investment readiness SMEs).

The program has three main objectives:

  1. educate SMEs how to improve their level of investment readiness
  2. promote integration of investment prepared SMEsand internationally active investors,
  3. increase private investment in EUREKA SMEs (EUREKA SMEs is a small and medium size company, which in the past five years have successfully completed the implementation of EUREKA or Eurostars project).

With the payment of the contribution to the program the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology allow also the inclusion of the others companies, not only EUREKA SMEs in the whole process. Participation of the company is for free. In the case of participation in the academies the costs of any travel, companies cover themselves.

All interested companies are invited to look the program content and expected process on the program website: .

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