Regional meeting GfWM at FH Burgenland, 12 May 2017!

Regional meeting GfWM Austria in the town of Eisenstadt in Burgenland will be organized this year under the master's program 'Useful Knowledge Management'.

The moto of this year's event is "digitalisation of knowledge management".

Regional meeting GfWM Austria

"WM 4.0 - Knowledge Management and Digitalisation"

12 May, from 16.00 to 19.00 

FH Burgenland, Eisenstadt Campus, Campus 1, 7000 Eisenstadt


16.00 to 16.15 hour: Greeting and moderation

16.15 to 17.15 hour: 4 classes, 10 minutes - 10 images

17.15 to 17.30 hour: Break

17.30 to 18.40 hour: Workshops (each participant can freely choose the workshops)

18.40 to 19.00 hour: Summary and closure of the event

from 19.00 forward: Networking and gathering in the wine cellar

Applications at the free event are accepted on the link bellow:

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