A round table at an agricultural food fair AGRA 2017

Pomurje Technology park, in cooperation with the Slovenian Association for integrated vegetable production Pikapolonica invites you to a seminar and a round table at AGRA Gornja Radgona.

Date: 31.08.2017 (12:00-16:00)

Location: Hall 1, Agricultural Agro Fair AGRA, Gornja Radgona

Theme: Looking to the future - short supply chains, public procurement and smart agro-food.

In brief presentations and discussion within the frameworkf of the round table, through practical examples, we will highlight the challenges, issues and solutions for the future of agro-foodstuffs with an emphasis on short supply chains with added value, ordering locally produced foods in the Slovenian public sector and introduce new technologies in the agro-food sector.

Link to the website of AGRA 2017: http://www.pomurski-sejem.si/index.php/en/

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